Control Your Home From Your Phone

  • ... Quick access to home functions
  • ... Arm & Disarm your home
  • ... Multi-home management

Manage Access To Your Home From App

  • ... Invite Users and Guests to your Home
  • ... Control access to Home by schedule
  • ... Create visual profiles for users and guests

Connect Devices From Your Phone

  • ... Complete device management
  • ... Assign devices to rooms and floors
  • ... Devices statuses and notifications

Control Devices From
Your Phone

  • ... Create your customized rooms
  • ... See list of devices per room
  • ... Control functional available per device

Richful Activity

  • ... See latest statuses of users
  • ... Get notification on events
  • ... See alarm events


Get notifications on important events


Meet Onesti Homegate

The "Brain" in your onesti solution. Works as a wireless router for all the sensors and devices in your home, with encrypted communication.
Easy to install, connected to the electric socket and to your Wi-Fi network.
Internal backup battery and backup communication/GSM, provides a secure solution in case of lost power supply and lost internet connection to your home.

Meet The Smart Devices

Onesti whitelist devices approved for working with Homegate



The digital brain in a home. A safe gateway connecting devices to the onesti solution

Yale Doorman
Yale Doorman

Yale Doorman

Digital doorlock for use on exterior doors in houses. Controlled from onesti App. Never more traditional keys

Smoke detector
Smoke detector

Smoke detector

Smoke detector with built -in siren. As a part of the onesti security system, the sensor is serial connected.